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Wrapping and Unwrapping

My current bad novel idea hit an end. I used the "write any shit that pops out" method to reach the end. There's no guarantee that I will ever see this go beyond rough draft stage. Really, it needs more development.

Secret Project has massed first milestone. I should think of a clever name for it, like Macbeth 2.

That sounds silly, but on thinking about it, Macbeth 2 would work in today's market. The Bloody Lady Macbeth returns from the dead to kill students staying overnight in a Scottish castle. Utter tripe, but easy to write. The girl who doesn't have sex with anybody is the one that lives to see the light of day. Or maybe those three witches come up with a new king to dupe. It's all fun and games when it comes to Macbeth.

Oh, and I'm still not furloughed.