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Douglas Milewski


With the government shutdown looming, I won't be majorly affected. I will NOT be furloughed, but then again, I don't know when I will be paid. I am essential because I work in a hospital.

You see, in the preamble to the Constitution, it explains that one of the Constitution's purpose is to "promote the general welfare." I take that to mean that the government takes on work on behalf of the people, and returns the benefit of that work to the people, and so improves their lives. I work in a research hospital. This is not a waste of government dollar, nor is it something that the government shouldn't be doing. This hospital does medical research, and the results of that research go back to the people of the United States. This is good work that we do. Although the writers of the Constitution did not envision this institution, their lack of vision does not constitute a black mark against the institution. They wrote a Constitution where the people of the future get to decide what projects and institutions are important and worthy. We are that future.

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