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Car Damage

We took Jenny's car to the insurance company because a deer tried to get itself run over by her. It only succeeded in destroying her passenger side mirror and making a few dents. It's still expensive. Our plan it to buy a replacement mirror and install it ourselves, then figure out how to get the dents pulled.

Last weekend itself was dominated by Miss Dash playing with the neighborhood girls.

Our fig tree is finally producing. Yay already. Sheesh.

Jenny's getting around to finishing up so many tasks that started when we moved in but never quite got finished. We now have bedroom curtains. Some areas have been rearranged to account for changing childhood activities.


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Sep. 29th, 2013 04:45 am (UTC)
Mom's fig tree started producing late this year too, but ... a month or so earlier than yours? I should've taken better notes. As usual, as the leaves are starting to turn brown for fall, it's still trying to produce a few new figs (there are four small, hard, green ones on it now that may or may not ripen in time), but last year there were a lot more figs in the first two batches, and I think a third batch ripened completely then (and was stolen by opossums). I took the last almost-ripe fig from the second batch to the rehab center where Mom's supposed to be getting physical therapy. I was afraid that if I left it another day to ripen completely, an animal would take it first.

The lawn care people mistakenly pruned back the branches that were hanging over the deck (they didn't realize its a working tree, rather than an ornament), but even so, production seemed way down compared to the last two years. Mom's talking about planting another one to get more figs, despite how long it'll take to start bearing fruit if she does.
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