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Free Monday

The lamp now works. The light bulb that worked yesterday in the other lamp ceased to yesterday when I used it to check the other lamp. Duh! Fortunately, the long lasting light bulb in the touch lamp is still up to snuff. That little trooper just keeps going. And it's low energy, too.

I'm glad I didn't have to hunt for a touch module.

Popped up to the hard liquor store to get me some rum and some brandy. I have some sugar-based soda on hand. I get to experiment a little. Considering how long the scotch took me to drink, this should last me quite a long time.

Tonight was Evita. Oooh. I should have seen that flick in theatres. The cinematography wasn't fabulous, and often dull, but the director still carried the drama wonderfully in his imagery.

Wound up listening to Godspell again as I did the dishes. I really needed that. I need to believe that Christianity can lead to something other than war and bombs. How many people CAN we bomb in the name of God? How dictatorships can we set up in the name of democracy?

Godspell has me thinking about some other things. I don't know what they are yet. They are still forming. Something is coming up, but I don't know what yet. Something I have forgotten. It may be a cheezy musical, all in all, but I keep finding things in it. Or perhaps, I am ready to find something in it right now.

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