Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Throwback to Childhood

I watched Godspell last night. That got me to thinking and even remembering a bit of my childhood. The colors, themes, and ideals of early 70's Christianity were there, just like they taught me in school. And you know what, I kinda miss that.

There is a great deal of early 70's culture that just isn't shown anywhere. Sometimes you run into it, but rarely do you see it. I don't fully remember it. Yet it was there, on teacher boards, on workbooks, in childhood magazines, on the folders, and on the store shelves. Those aesthetics were there in Godspell. Wow. What a throwback!

I had forgotten that at one point, Christianity was sold as joyful, good humored, and playful. Damn, I miss that. Or have I just not SEEN that? Or have we all forgotten? I do like that idea of play and exuberance and underlying the religious experience. Those are nice ideas. Those are ideas I have been missing.

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