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So I'm home now and glad (and weirded out) to be there.

I barely slept on the plan ride home. Thankfully, Miss Dash did. She's small enough to curl up in the seat. Jenny also got more sleep than my meager one hour, meaning that she got to drive home. We came in, put away what we could, ate something, then slept.

I wound up waking up at 2am, imported pictures, amused myself, then crawled back into bed for another three hours of sleep. I have have no idea why I didn't sleep super-soundly. Now that I'm at work, I could use more sleep. HELLO JETLAG.

Now that this vacation is over, the bills are in, and it's rice and beans for us until Christmas time.


Aug. 1st, 2013 11:10 pm (UTC)
Veggie garden + ramen packages = cheap meals. :>

Glad you had a good time!