Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I am so done with Hawaii. I just want to be home. That won't be until later. We have one more day to crawl through here while we wait for the flight at 9pm. Joy is so thoroughly done that anything is uninteresting to her.

Yesterday, tropical storm Flossie came through. It was mostly a non-even as the storm wobbled north like a drunken aunt with a walker. Still, everything was buckled down here, so we had to wait through the entire day. Joy and I cozied up and played Angry Birds Rio for a while, getting golden fruit. Jenny and Joy made paper flowers and beaded with colorful straws and construction paper.

This morning, it's raining again.

It rains here in Hilo. Every building has a steel roof. If it's not steel, it's tile or some other heavy-duty material. In this place, it rains every night. Forget the cheap options.

The town itself is a tourist town in the downtown area, but also shows its general economic malaise. Hilo is not the painted lady that Waikiki is. Still, she's bigger than we thought. Once you exit the downtown, there's still a few miles of sprawl around her.

We got a bunch of apple bananas that were supposed to ripen in a day. We've now had them five days and they show no hope of ripening. I ended up frying one and it tasted like a plantain. They are, most definitely, never going to ripen.

Now we get to wait all day. All day, then an entire day flying. Godspeed to us.

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