Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


In Sunday morning, we went off to see the Botanical Gardens north of Hilo.They were beautiful and worth the visit. Joy was beside herself visiting the scarlett macaws. Those things are big. They were in a large bird cage in the middle of the garden.

We dallied for a little with some ice cream at a roadside stand, then headed off to see a rather tall waterfall, whose name I've rather forgotten.

In the afternoon, we drove up to Kilauea. The volcano was being rather unspectacular during our visit, so there's no lava to report. Due to the oncoming tropical storm, they had closed Chain of Craters road, se we weren't even able to get close to the lava fields. We were able to look over the main crater, which was huge. The thing was bigger than Crater Lake by an order of magnitude. Sulfuric gasses were escaping from the vent. Down below, where we could not see, was a lava pit. We could have stayed until evening, just to see the red glow of the pit, but that seemed rather pointless to me. We moved onto the lava tubes, and after the tubes, drove on home.

On Monday-Tuesday, a tropical storm is expected. We're not sure what we are doing. Winds should hit 40-50 mph. Not that bad, really.

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