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My touch lamp died. Drat it. I had no idea these things died. Yesterday, it worked, and now it does not. A new bedroom lamp is now on the list. I should find another touch lamp, if possible. Those things are great. You don't ever have to fumble. You touch the lamp, and it's on. Great for the middle of the night.

I bought a brown and beige, with a little blue, 5'x8' rug for the living room. It's not perfect, but it's fun and it works for the living room. Was was hoping for something with a little more color, but this thing has a great vibrance to it. I bought it across the street, at the little carpet house across the intersection.

Tonight was Godspell. I love the music, but the show kinda moved slow. Yet again, this was a musical in New York, including a dance number atop the almost finished World Trade Center.

Drat it, tommorow is work.

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