Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Today was another beach day. I rented another boogie board, this time including a set of flippers, and again played in the waves of Waikiki. This time, I actually caught a few waves. They were good waves, too, and the runs worked well.

The waves of Waikiki are different from my native Atlantic waves. In Waikiki, they waves say “Aloha, friend, let's go!” while the Atlantic waves say, “Screw you. I'm gonna shove your face into the sand.” These Pacific waves just don't have the same power behind them. Waikiki waves also break much further out than Ocean City waves, which break very close to shore.

In the afternoon, we had some family time. Joy wanted time with just mommy and daddy. After some My Little Pony watching, we headed off for ice cream, then returned for a full evening of more family.


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