Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Sleep is so overrated.

We arrived at the hotel after a slog through traffic. Do we see a pattern here? I am so glad that we arrived.

We settled down to sleep about 9pm, only to get woken up at 10pm by a fire alarm. Back to sleep. We awake again at night. Joy and I eat a banana, tell stories on the balcony, then snuggle back in bed. Jenny has gone to sleep in a different bed. At 4am, Jenny's phone goes off. Forget sleep. No sleep for the wicked.

I am reading a self-published novel off of Amazon. Although technically proficient in the English language, the author simply fails to produce an entertaining novel. It's like reading something from the late 70's, which is actually normal, as that period was the formative years for many readers, and thus for many writers.

We spent the late morning at the beach. Joy continued her pulling me after her whenever she wanted free range. If I went with her, she knew that she could wander where she pleases. We ended up walking to the end of a breakwater and watching the boogie boarders riding the waves in.

While the kids went with John to the aquarium, where they saw fish I am told, Jenny and I went grocery shopping.

For dinner, we went to Red Lobster to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. (Why one goes to Red Lobster in Hawaii, I am not sure.) Joy was flagging halfway through dinner and so was I. By the time that we drug our sorry asses up to the room, I asked, “What ungodly hour his it?” It was 8:30 pm. Yeah, jet lag sucks.


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