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We've been getting ready for Hawaii over the last few days, and now this is it. We are going. We woke up early and did our last remaining chores. We wanted to eat at Nick's for breakfast, but Nick's is closed on Tuesdays. Instead we ate at the Donut King/Queen's Grill in Kensington. We wanted to fill up before our very long flight.

Getting to the airport proved sloggy. The out loop of the beltway towards the airport was all slog, all the time. Construction workers had closed a lane to pump some concrete. We didn't get out of bumper-to-bumper until we hit the toll road.

Getting through the airport proved easy enough until we hit the security slog. The person checking our ID's worked awful slow, and then the scanning was awful slow. We had left quite early for the airport, but we arrived at our gate exactly at boarding time.

As I am writing this, we are now over Utah flying on a Boeing 767-400 at 519 mph and 39,000 feet. The outside temperature is -43 degrees. We've seen some canyons and mountains below, but they aren't really very spectacular from so far up.

We departed at 1pm Eastern time, and we expect to land at 6pm Pacific time, a flight of 10 hours.

My new laptop arrangement is working very well. I replaced my hard drive with an SSD. On a previous trip, my computer failed to boot due to air pressure differences. That is not affecting us at all.

Modern entertainment has caught up with long distance air travel. We have little entertainment screens in front of each seat. We have a reasonable number of on-demand movies, along with some games and music. I entertained myself with “Oz: The Great and Powerful” for the first few hours. Sam Raimi had his fun. I appreciated the Evil Dead references that he put into his film.

Since we have milk associated dietary issues, we've avoided buying the flight food. Instead, we have are proudly subsisting on PBJ's, chocolate covered coffee beans, and “pizza” calzones (sans cheese).

When we land, our agenda is to find someplace to eat, then collapse into bed.


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