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July 4 and Beyond

July 4 was an easy day. We had no ambitions other than fireworks. Unfortunately, Miss Dash came down sick and had a fever for a few days, so we cancelled the fireworks.

We're in a buying frenzy getting ready for Hawaii. I've now ordered my first sunglasses in two decades. I had prescription sunglasses years ago, but did not like buying a new pair every time that my prescription changed. This new pair will fit over my glasses. We'll see how they work.

I went shopping for shorts. I tried on fifteen pair to find two that fit correctly. That was every size 32 in the store. Even the 32s were a bit big, but I blame the cut. Everything is cut bigger these days, although Marsha tells me that super-slim is now back in.

Xpioti invited me down to the Scottish session in the Royal Mile. Social anxiety kicked in, so my wife and daughter came with me. Good for them. They played with Xpioti's menacing brood. I didn't bring any more than percussion, as this was scouting for me. I can keep up once I know the repertoire. This isn't hard stuff to play. (Maybe for melody, but I ain't melody.)  I mostly need to learn "name that tune" for 50 tunes and the associated key. I can improvise the rest.

The monsoons let up for a few days. We had intended to go camping, and it would have been wonderful camping weather. I did make a fire in our fire pit and we roasted marshmallows. Unfortunately, my daughter was still feeling a bit off and did not eat much. (She usually eats them by the dozen.) The little fire turned out to be just right for nicely toasting the marshmallows. Yum.