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Livin Large

Jen had herself a sub-fender bender today. The damage was nil, but there is great concern for the woman driving the other car. We hope that nothing bad has happened.

Happy T-Con, for those who are going. I will be here in town.

I skipped out of spagetti night to go to Jen's pot-luck. Ironically, she comes to Bethesda/North DC for her pot luck, and I go to Manassas. Opposite direction. Very silly, that.

The heating bill this winter is +$40. Not too shabby, all things considered. I think the new thermostat has done it's job. I must check my records to make sure.

I look with envy upon the newer, faster iBooks. Ooooh. I also look with lust upon the new Centrino laptops. Ooooh. Maybe I'll just get virtual PC and call it even.

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