Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Monsoon Season

It's monsoon season this month. The rains have come every day, without thunderstorm, just dropping down. You can literally see the rainy days popping across our power generating graph.

Miss Dash did like her camp, so we're hiring a mother's helper instead. Turns out the girl is from down the street, and that makes Miss Dash happy.

Last month's money came out only a little out of bounds, but much better all-in-all.

Due to the monsoons, the weeds have gone wild. Jenny and I spent a while weeding, and in all that mess discovered lettuce growing happily. We have four heads growing. Yay. We also brought in quite a harvest of sugar snap and snow peas. The tomatoes are turning red, but some aren't happy. Too much rain.

Miss Dash had the neighbor's girl E over for a sleepover. All went well. 

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