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Up to Editing

I handed over A Greater Genius for Jenny to edit. When she's done, it's self-publishing time.

I am considering a change in titles for the series. Something like "Cult of the Iron Duke", or "Forge of the Iron Duke." I don't know which direction I'll take.

Hers Truly has been doing karate and has now earned her jr. yellow belt.

In storytelling, my daughter has turned on the mash-up supercollider. She wanted a MLP-Rio-Angry Birds mashup. Sheesh!

I've been movie watching. I just did X-Men Wolverine and Prometheus this week. Wolverine was a proper popcorn movie. I have no complaints. I got what I expected. Prometheus was pretty, but it sure did get wacky in parts. Noomi Rapace was half the entertainment and quite droolworthy at times.

My Doctor Who theories were wrong, but I still beat out 99% of fandom who ignored the blatant "something new" messaging of the author. I picked up on the important themes but put them together wrong.