Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Mother's Day Weekend

Jenny had been out of town for a few days at Ryan's wedding. She flew back Friday night, a bit delayed by thunderstorms. By the time that she reached the metro station, she nixed the plan of riding the bus home. The sky had decided to deluge at that point, so I wandered over.

While Jenny was away, Miss Dash joined me in bed. I pretty much expected that. The hellion proceeded to claim the middle of the bed every night.

On Saturday, a long time couple got married (all thanks to DC's marriage equality). Congrats to Melanie and Cheryl.

Mother's day was dumplings up in Rockville. They were northern style Chinese and very good.

The new bathroom vanity got a new layer of tung oil. It now has to dry for three or four days.

I've gotten a Kindle paperwhite reader and I've gotten back onto the reading bandwagon. So far the little reader has been working out. I just read through "Summer Falls", which is a very charming Doctor Who book. The writing is competent. Surprisingly, it's not very off my tight style. It read just about as fast, so I think it's cool that there's other books out there as unassuming as mine.

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