Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Budge Fu

It's been budget fu time here with team Milewski. We now know, roughly, what we're spending, so we can add it all up and revise our target numbers. It's never fun, of course, because you come nose-to-nose with reality, yet it must happen. The good news is that we can realistically make all our goals, but the bad news is that we can torpedo ourselves just as easily. So that makes us exceedingly normal.

I just wrapped up a classic Arthurian legend book. Sheesh. The storytelling in that thing was a trainwreck. A knight would ride out, immediately meet a maid, defeat a knight, then spend three days riding back. The lack of time counters i maddening. Even worse is when characters pop out of the air. Sometimes a knight riding out means that knight alone, sometimes his squire is along with him, and sometimes he's leading troops. You are never told which is which.

It's worse with Merlin. The plot device is that Merlin shows up either before or after you are about to make a terrible decision, then tells you about how bad that decision will be. Amazingly, those who get warnings still make their bad decisions. Either way, you never want Merlin showing up.

Our neighbors showed us some edibles in our yard and garden. We have lots of greens and we know the Korean words for them. Some of them appear to be chrysanthamum leaves (but my wife disagrees). We're not sure about the rest.

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