Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We had a beautiful weekend.

On Friday, we went over to the house of my daughter's friend and at dinner with them. They are likable people, board gamers, and will soon be moving to Howard Country (dammit). The kids had a grand time playing together.

On Saturday, Hers Truly went to a birthday party. I stayed home and cleaned up my workshop area. The place was an absolute tripping hazard. After that, we went to a Church picnic. Note: Once the weather gets wonderful, EVERYBODY will be going out for picnics.

Sunday I continued working on the workshop. I made huge progress. I decided that I was never going to make anything with the walnut that I had acquired last year, except for the big pieces. The small pieces weren't worth my time, so onto the woodpile they went.

Brian, Lori, and family rolled through on Sunday as well. Haven't seen those folks for a dog's age. I'll also be getting a bicycle off of Brian. I want a neighborhood bike, and Brian had one in his garage. Can't beat the price.

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