Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Visits and Food

My parents came for a visit yesterday. They brought many presents for Hers Truly. Mom is working in a thrift store and she scores all the best stuff. The visit was good.

Today I cooked a birthday dinner for Jenny. I cooked liver and onions, sweet red pickled cabbage, steamed asparagus, blueberries, and an apple cobbler thingie for dessert. Jenny adored the liver. Now that she knows its so easy to cook and so cheap, she'll get herself some more. She just couldn't stop eating the stuff. Myself, I tolerantly ate it because I cooked it. I'm a good sport that way.

We have volunteer vegetables growing in the previous owner's garden. We think it's some broccoli, but we can't tell what the prickly leaves are.

Hers Truly is taking forever getting to sleep. The change in time has thrown off our schedule.

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