Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Party Weekend

We celebrated Miss Dash's birthday this weekend with a princess themed birthday party.

The whole thing ran like a Honda missing a cylinder. It rattled along and got us there.

The kids started with games under the tarp, on the soggy ground. Jenny found out from a scout site how to rig up a tarp with 2x2's. Everyone trounced into the fully reconfigured living room to make crowns and shields. (Glitter glue was a bad idea. Gems were a good idea.) After that, the kids did "quests" while the living room got coverted for cake. In the quest, they had to rescue baby animals by matching letters to pictures, and they had to spell words from the evil word wizard (me, who's fate was being thrown into the fire).

The cake was a castle cake, as demonstrated by Liv Hansen. It only fell over once. (Yay). After devouring cake and ice cream, the children played. Most kids left on time. A few kids stayed past, which was fine for us. We had lots and lots of cleanup. Everything still isn't quite put away.

The party is now over. Yay.


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