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The weekend went well enough.

I painted the bathroom pink It looks swell. At the very least, it no longer looks like a battlefield.

The neighbor's granddaughter came over and played with Miss Dash. Those two got along like gangbusters. I ignored folding the laundry and ground onward in Dragon's Age. Sunday was Reconciling Sunday at church. 

I am pleased with Miss Dash's progress in school. Her reading is now getting noticeably faster and stronger. 

While at the Woodside Deli, Miss Dash was a "King  Kong" poster. Now I'm being begged into telling every single monster movie that I can remember. 

We have a scheduled date for the furnace installation. Yay. The head pump will be a little small than we thought, so that will save a few bucks, but there needs to be a little more duct work. It's almost a wash. Even so, I am very excited. Having lived six months with this sucktitudinous system, I will be happy to be comfortable again.