Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Greater Genius Draft 6

I'm done the next draft of Greater Genius. The ending continues to defy me. It still needs a SOMETHING. Right now, it's 57k words. I am no Jordan or Martin. How do they write those things?

On Saturday, we went to a housewarming. Hers Truly had good fun playing with their daughter. We also had snow. Jenny picked up a lime green snow saucer and Miss Dash had a blast screaming down the hill in the yard.

I bashed together a shelf for the fiber-in equipment. This big shelf now holds the router on top, and lets me store junk below. That gets us more space in the storage room and it also gets more warped plywood out of my wood pile. That's recycling at its best.

I am also learning the rules of bashing together things. Believe it or now, there are actually rules to improving a piece of furniture. My teachers would go nuts at me for not having any blueprints, but really, scaling designs up and down doesn't need blueprints.

I caulked the cracks around the windows. That has made a difference. The temperature does not plummet quite so much in the evening. However, a true test will be the next cold snap with a stiff wind.

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