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I've resurrected my parent's old Brother MFC-240c inkjet printer. I bought some 3rd party ink for it, dirt cheap, and wala -- it prints. Not bad, resurrected a decade old printer for $21. That sure beats the tar out of a new color printer.

Miss Dash is over-excited at being able to print in color.

The #1 problem with the printer is that it doesn't print if you run out of a color. I've solved that with cheap ink, as the real ink costs $20 a pop. I can also hack the printer to think that it has enough ink. You only need to tape over the sensors, or tape over the ink level indicators. It's a simple optical sensor.


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Jan. 25th, 2013 02:20 am (UTC)
We have an ancient Apple LaserWriter that probably still works fine, but we have no computers left that both (1) will boot, and (2) have the right connectors!
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