Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The inauguration has come and gone. I had the day "off", but we had a software upgrade, there were lots of reinstalls to do. I did get home early and talk to a furnace seller. $$$ moola, some more than others. I've also made some progress cleaning up the basement. I completed the shelves for my pants and there were wood scraps and dust everywhere.

For fun, I've finally begun playing Dragon's Age: Origins in earnest. The game retains Bioware's it's "pause and curse" combat, where you just can't tell what's going on. All in all, I feel massively incompetent. I live in fear of their random encounters, where the usual survival rate is 50%, and I survived a number of encounters with one low-HP person. So I must be doing something massively wrong, and I've slowly been learning what. Still, the game is something of a story grind. The game has SO MUCH story that the story has become a grind. I would like to walk away from story sometimes, thanks.

I really don't like Bioware. #### you, Bioware, you ruined the RPG for me. At one time, an RPG gave you 4-6 dumb characters. Bioware now gives you characters with opinions, personalities, and complex storylines. That sucked all the fun out of my RPGs, because, well, that's the part that I liked to do. That's what made RPGs fun.

Exploring also makes RPGs fun, but I find exploration challenging with Dragon Age. It's a storybook treadmill, not a sandbox.

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