Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Mom's Birthday

We celebrated mom's 80th birthday over the weekend. Most of the near family showed up. We had a big lunch up at Maggie's in Winchester. Everything wend well enough. Hers Truly had been cooped up all day, was getting bored, and definitely showed it by acting up a bit. She got into a very tricky mood. At least we did get to climb the big hill outside the few times, which she had campaigned for.

We spent Sunday morning worshipping at Mount Zion church, which is the black church near Dumbarton. They had split of 80 or so years back. Their building looked worse for wear. She was a beautiful old lady. Their music section was great. The drum/piano duo worked really well. I think I'd rather worship there. The music is better. 

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