Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

In-Law Weekend

My in-laws were over for the weekend. In general, a good visit. Wife is happy. The spare room worked well. I think that they liked being able to sleep upstairs. 

Having the in-laws in my office sleeping made retreat harder for me. I wound up cleaning up the basement some more, which  needed to happen anyway. I even took the old lawn mower and scrap wood to the dump.

I dug out some copies of Wizardry and had fun revisiting that old game.

I made eggless pancakes for breakfast on Saturday  morning. (We had no eggs.) The recipe turned out so-so. I think that I could tune it up a bit once I understand the recipe, but I have no incentive.

Hers Truly was very happy with her new bike until the neighbor's kid got a bike one size larger. We had debated sizes, and looked like we picked a little small. So the girl needs to put up with this bike for a year before we go larger. She also needs to get better at peddling. Next time, we really need to take her bike shopping so that we can compare her with her bike size. Memory just isn't good enough.

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