Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Catching Up with Christmas

Christmas morning has wrapped up. Santa was good to Miss Dash. He gave her Lego Friends.

I took the day off on Friday as Jenny wanted a writing day and Miss Dash was still sick. Repeat that for Saturday.

Miss Dash has been making pictures on the My Little Pony game site. She realized that she could make a series of pictures, staple them together, then have a book. She had us write out the words. Still, she's the one who did the work.

We spent part of Saturday just hanging out in my office. That was nice. I haven't hung out that way in a long time.

Sunday was the family Christmas. My mom gave Miss Dash a new bike. Jenny, now feeling under the weather, did not go. 

Monday was a clean up day. I attacked any box that couldn't escape my wrath. I cleaned up many things that were just lingering. I also made some stick buns. Hers Truly used to eat the raisins first, but now she doesn't eat the raisins. She's also decided to be a vegetarian again.

How about that snow on Christmas Eve? It flurried here for several hours. The ground got a good dusting, but it was just too warm for the snow to stick.

Miss Dash was in the Christmas Pageant on Saturday night. She had great fun being an angel. Jenny did heroic work converting a dress into an angel dress even though we still haven't found her sewing supplies. After church, we went up to a dinner party with some church friends. Miss Dash barely ate the food, mostly subsisting on chocolate and cookies. (Is this girl ready for cons or what?) Not liking the movie, she crawled under the coffee table and played with the Kindle. We adults had wonderful "coq au vin" at the Manson's house.

Christmas morning has now gone well enough. Leftover sticky buns. Hers Truly ate a chocolate bar and a few cookies. We gave Jenny new pajamas, and they gave me a new shop vac.

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