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The Man jabbed and poked at my arms today. They wanted to see if the HepB vaccine took effect. I got jabbed in both arms and both times, the nurse was unable to find the vein. Weird. I have veins like freight trains. It's rare that they get missed, especially by a competant nurse.

All the carpet and padding is up. I have a pile of carpeting, padding, and other crud that must go to the dump, I must also consider the sub-flooring. Do I really want to yank all that up? Better to let sleeping dragons lie.

I think the water may have come from a weird way that the water drained during the rains after the blizzard. Somehow, it made it into the house and to the basement. Since then, I haven't spotted any new water.

My next try at rice pudding is a mild success. For once, I got the right texture to it. Now I need to work on flavoring. I also needed to use more rice.

Finished the next chapter of homework. I remain on target for the end of the semester.

I've been typing in the novel apace again. I've also been de-localizing it. I'm yanking it out of the Grayhawk world and making it something more my own. With all these new names, I'm having trouble keeping track of stuff. Phew! Too much detail.

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