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Sickness and Health

Hers Truly crawled into bed last night, 2am, wanting to sleep with us. Shortly thereafter, she got sick in the bed. Yeah. Whoopee, changing the sheets at 2am. Between that and the cat, last night was a short sleep night.

I finally made the necessary calendars for the family. I'm having them printed at Ritz Camera. Surprise to me, even more stores have closed. I now have to go to Bethesda to get the finals. 

We have our new sofa in after waiting forever. We paid them, then Jenny realized there were a few problems with the sofa. Scumbag furniture store has our money and knows how to stonewall. They are simply uninterested in providing any further customer service.


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Dec. 20th, 2012 08:52 pm (UTC)
Call (channel) 7 on your side. They love these "justice for the powerless consumer!!" stories, especially around the holidays. If you spent a lot of money, so much the better.
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