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Packed Weekend

The weekend wound up packed. We trapsed down into Georgetown for Christmas Pageant rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, followed by a carol sing potluck on Saturday night.

On Sunday, it was church, followed by playdate for Hers Truly, followed by the Hobbit for us, followed by collecting hers truly, follwed by another pot luck. Phew!

The Hobbit got our geek on. I had some trouble with it. My  main problem were the parts that just felt recited just to keep the plot going, and I'm not talking about the backstories. Really, I think the whole thing could have been tightened up. There's projectiing what will come up in the future, then there's blaring it out with bullhorns. Really, we didn't need to know about so many things. Some level of surprise and discovery is perfectly fine.

That is to say, I think that this filmed held our hands too much. 

I was ho-hummed by most previews. A few looked interesting. Most interesting was After Earth, which has a black cast. Whoah. Cool. Both Superman and Star Trek look engaging. I'll skip everything else. And the Lone Ranger? Tonto has lead billing.Weird. I think it'll fall flat, but I'll man up if I'm wrong.


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Dec. 17th, 2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
When Tonto is Jonny Depp, you bet he gets top billing. :>
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