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Pot Luck

The old Tuesday pot luck group met again for the holiday and generally visted. Good stuff. However, it seriously hampered my game-play night. I wound up playing with Miss Dash more than socializing.

The money cleared from the house settlement. Just in time, too, as the furnace went out again.

The solar people we've been talking to have given us a great offer. As best as I can tell, the fiscal cliff is making everyone nervous, plus the holidays, means that they will give us an amazing deal on power when we put up solar panels. We'll put out lots up front, but the 20 year savings is significant. Even with thousands down, we break even in 7 years. We're going to take the deal.

The Secret World has dropped subscriptions, so I'm now interested in that game. I keep bumping into areas of LotRO that I need to buy into, and I prefer the idea of buy once and play. That, and Secret World is not another fantasy title. I could use a change-up.