Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

That Nancy Girl

I finally met up with Nancy in a deli in Silver Spring. This packed little deli was serving to a packed brunch crowd. All I can say is, "wow" for a Sunday morning. Do that many people really do brunch?

Nancy was very pleasant in real life. Call her pretty in an average way. She had that plainish round Chinese face to her, but her personality shines through. Turns out that the birthday party that she had last week was her 40th! She had told me a little white lie when she said she was 36. Hmmm.

I had a single Belgian waffle -- almost too much for me. She had herself an omlette made with egg-beaters. She also picked up the tab, as she felt responsible for bailing last week.

As people go, she struck me as a genuine sweetie. She is fine for the friend roster. If Jen wasn't around, I might be a little more tempted as she is positive company. As it stands, I think we'll do lunch every once in a while by setting a date, then constantly get rescheduled for two or three more weeks.

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