Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Over the weekend, I paid some attention to my workshop. I worked on making it less hazardous to my own well being.

I put a bottom shelf on the workbench.

I finally got around to fixing the window for the screen door of the old house. That's been sitting around for two months. Installed it. We should settle this week. Cross your fingers.

I made a couple test trivet from the maple cabinet door. Miss Dash got so excited that she asked for one to pain. I see perfect grandparent presents in the future. I made sure that I kept one trivet for us.

I picked up a combination 10" saw blade. Good stuff that. I needed as my last saw blade just wasn't up to snuff.

I made a lifter for our table lamp. I had some red maple from last year which I'd cut from a log, so I figured out how to turn it into straight boards, glued them together, sanded them down, and fished them up. It came out rather pretty. And that red maple? Those trees must be made of lead. Heavy.

I put up a smoke alarm. Finally.

We showed Miss Dash "The Wizard of Oz." She was appropriately scared in all the right places. Still, she muddle through. She greatly enjoyed the enjoyable parts. And I still admire Margaret Hamilton's performance. 

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