Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Work Around the House

I really want to make up a con game-show "Wait Wait, Don't Rhyme Me!"

On Saturday, we went to Jenny's friend's house. His wife and child were finally able to move down to join him. He's a park service drone, and she's a new Wildlife service drone with a romance publishing small-publisher gig. Miss Dash had a great time playing with their newly minted 7-year-old, along with her two cousins. Jenny did a wonderful witch play session with them.

On Saturday, Jenny got the hair-brained idea of cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner for Sunday. The results were wonderful, but the wife was exhausted. Of note was the home-grown pumpkin pie. The pumpkins came from the garden. The results were very tasty.

My car passed emissions. Somehow. My guess is that their testing machines don't actually work.

I tore a few pallets apart. I also attached the tabletop to my workbench. I'm considering actually paying money to buy a 3/4" MDF layer for the top. You see, in woodworking, you want your reference plane (the top of your workbench) as flat as possible, and MDF comes off the factory line very flat.

I took some time attaching the garden area more. I finally cut down the stray bushes and knocked down the rotting frame. If I build a frame, it will be out of pressure treated lumber, thank you.

I've started a read through of a friend's novel. Given my penchant for falling asleep while reading, the review is taking longer than I had estimated. It's also given me a reminder of some essays that I wish to write about writing. Maybe I can write them up, bind them up, then sell 'em for a few quid. I can't sell fewer copies than I am already.

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