Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrapup

Something happened this weekend. What?

Friday date night was Taipei Tokyo, my favorite low-brow eatery.

Saturday breakfast was pancakes. My parents came over in the morning and visited. We took a little time and planted some flowers that we had from the other house. Our living room is now a little less crowded. We had bought the flowers for staging the other house, then brought them in for the storm.

I secured some shipping crates from work and salvaged some one inch plywood from them. Two sheets means that I now have enough for my workbench top. I spent a big chunk of time taking apart those crate parts. I also found some half-inch chipped sheets and a few crate bases. They're heavy enough that having a hand truck to get them to the car is quite welcome.

Sunday was the usual church, then a small pot luck that was so small that it turned into a playdate for the girls.

I had Monday off. I retrieved the mulch pile from the old house. I attacked the far back lawn and garden in the new house. The weedwacker did its job. I still have more lawn work, of course. 

We went to our parent-teacher conference. Miss Dash is where she should be and progressing appropriately. 

New MLP episode this weekend. So yeah, I was a sucker. Fortunately, it's just a 12 episode season, so I'll be done soon enough.

Miss Dash is still on her Laputa kick. We watched it three more times this weekend. 

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