Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The weekend went along fine. Our main goal was getting the house ready for some guests. My job in that was painting the kitchen. First I started with yellow, and Jenny declared it the wrong shade, apologized, and bought different paint. After that, I painted a wall, and Jenny apologized, and said it was the wrong shade. Finally, the third shade worked and the kitchen got painted.

Mark and Izzy came for dinner yesterday. Dinner was good and guests were quite welcome. Izzy gave a sparkly dragon to Miss Dash, and she named it Sparkles. It's a vegetarian dragon that breathes glittery air and is afraid of diesel trains. 

We shoved furniture about. Two cabinets went downstairs and Jenny's treadle sewing machine came upstairs. It still needs some cleaning, but that's small stuff. It's right pretty compared to how it looked when it rolled in the door.

We've also watched lots of Laputa. I've seen that film about five times in the last week. I adore Miyazaki, but five times is a bit much, even for me.


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