Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Oncoming Storm

Saturday was wonderful, the the skies growing overcast as the day went on. Those were Sandy's advanced clouds. I spent the day picking up the yard and shoving too much stuff into the basement. I also took a little time to get my workbench frame assembled. The thing, beyond all belief, is actually solid. I won't know the truth, though, until I get the plywood on. I'll need to buy some for the top, but as there's a hurricane rolling this way, I dare not visit the hardware store for wood. That, and I never had the time.

Miss Dash and I play "Sheeta." In this game, we enact the film "Laputa", with Miss Dash playing Sheeta. I play most every other character. We distill the film down pretty well, hitting all the plot elements.

Sunday was church, and as that's in Georgetown, church really means half the day. I cleaned up the other house on Sunday afternoon, waited for gas, then hunkered down. I enjoyed "Army of Darkness" (in HD) just to get into that Halloween mood. Jen wants to get her art stuff off the basement floor, so I also painted half the kitchen yellow. (There was too much stuff in there to paint everything.) Jenny should be hanging shelves today, then she'll have a crafty area.

Miss Dash is terribly excited to be finding her art supplies, and she's diving into coloring like a maniac. 

I'm at work because I'm "emergency personnel". There's a meeting at 10 where the supervisors will figure out what to do.

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