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Jen and I have been playing a small game: who order dinner? Last night was Jen's turn. I showed up, and it was up to her to decide on dinner -- the whole thing. I made no decisions. I did say that I would pay. About an hour later, sushi and maki arrived at her door.

The dumplings and the tempura were very good. The sushi and the maki, that was intimidating. The stuff covered in fish eggs, doubly so. I had to triple-dog dare Jen into starting with the big-row covered maki. She ate half, and I ate half. She picked the next piece. We continued this way through the assortment. Some things we could identify, while others we were clueless about.

This was my first time for quite so many different types of sushi and maki. Neither of us would have ordered this on our own.

The basement is making slow progress. There's LOTS of water under the carpet. It is all coming up slowly. There's also lots of crapola in the basement that must be ditched. This will be slow going.

- Move CD's and CD bookcases upstairs
- Remove carpteting and padding
- Dry out carpeting and padding
- Take carpeting and padding to dump
- Take cheaper furniture and electronics to goodwill
- Take broken electronics to recycling
- Sell off working electronics
- Sell off boxes of comic books (I mean it this time)
- Throw out misc. trash
- Recyle cardboard
- Take up old flooring and tack strip
- Install sump pump??? (much $$$).
- If so, move many tools to shed.
- If so, rebuild shed door.
- If so, watch basement floor get jackhammered
- If so, take a week off.
- Gut basement??? (need dumpster)
- If so, relocate storage room and tools to shed.
- If so, rent dumpster
- If so, hold deconstruction party

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