Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I have the shelves up in the laundry room. Yay. They won't win a home deco award, but they work. I had to take down the drop ceiling to do it, but that's no loss. It was icky anyway.

I also got some outlets screwed back in. The laundry room is actually shaping up.

I fixed my PCs wireless networking problem. It kept trying to use the wired network card, which introduced constant timeout issues. Once I disabled that card, my problems cleared up. I still have an issue with the line-in. Both operating systems go nuts when you do that. Something weird is going on. The system gets confused and can't tell what's headphones and what's an input.

My recent burst of activity was due to me de-installing Mass Effect 3 from the PC. I had to say goodbye to it. 

We went to dinner at the Silver Diner for kid's night. Miss Dash got her face painted. That was her first time. She was tickled pink.

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