Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Snow Daze

It's a quiet day in the neighborhood.

The weekend agenda looks simple:
Friday - Dinner with Jennifer
Saturday - Brigadoon (8pm, Montgomery College, $10)
Sunday - Lunch with Nancy (attempt #2), maybe matinee Brigadoon (2pm), Homework!!!

Maybe I'll get that 2nd shade of yellow and finish the bedroom. Maybe I'll start tearing up carpeting.

The traffic was very nice this morning. Too bad I can't work a government job is some podunk town where a backup is four cars at a light.

I did a big stint of cleanup last night. I can see my bedroom floor again. Laundry got washed, and dried, and folded, and even PUT AWAY. I need stackable containers to hold sweathers and other clothing. I can store quilts and pillows under the futon. I still need a decent bed frame so that I can capure the under-bed space.

Letter sized bins fit under the coffee tables. Kick ass!

Jen's birthday is next week. Must think. Hmmm... When she was feeling bad this week, she got girlscout cookies. As an ex-girlscout (well... grown girl scout), she appreciated the comfort food of Trefoils.

It was a very pretty snow this morning.

The UPS I had connected to the VCR failed. Totally. I missed Buffy. Also, my evil plan of having my VCR on an UPS has also failed. Drat. Buffy is wrapping up. Angel may be wrapping up. No Power Rangers to be found on TV. Damn! I almost don't need TV now (except to watch the musicals).

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