Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Heat is On

The heat is back on. The service guy turned the gas switch from Pilot to ON. Yay. (I had no idea where that switch was.)

We spent the weekend cleaning up the other house. Miss Dash got uppity sometimes, as she got bored, but she was otherwise wonderful. While there, we harvested the sweet potatoes. This year, they were very kind to us. We got an entire bag of the things. Compare that to last year, where we got 8-10 small ones. We also picked three pints of green tomatoes. 

On the side of the new house, I found a splitting wedge that the old owners had left. Coolness. I've been wanting one. Also, there was a pick-axe head. Yay. I get to make another handle. More projects, people.

I've made progress on the workbench. The legs are now assembled. I need to trim them more even. Now I need to start on the cross braces. I also need to get the treadle sewing machine upstairs.

I continue reading Journey to the West. That book is wacked-out. I'll send anyone the Kindle formatted version if they want.

I hauled more floor tiles to the dump. Yay. That's a stack of stuff out of the house. Next, I get rid of the ceiling tile gridwork when I feel llike it.

Oh, and I have to clean up my workshop again. 

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