Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We finally got the new fridge in yesterday. It took a long time because PEPCO had to get our account updated to the new address. Once updated, they could take away our old fridges and give us money back for them. So for one day, we have three fridges in the kitchen. Today, they take away two.

The old house is annoying. I just don't have emotional time for it. We will deal with it more tonight, but I am done, but I can't be done.

I'm slowly cleaning up my work area again. It's a mess. That mess keeps biting me in the ass, so cleanup is happening. Once I'm through that, I can get back to cleaning up Jen's treadle sewing machine. Once that's wrapped up, I can start making a workbench.

Hopefully I can do another dump run this weekend. I also need to do some lawn mowing.

At work, I'm wrestling with web servers. Yesterday, I took an existing wiki, yanked PHP, Apache, and MySQL, then installed XAMPP, put the databases back in, and got the wiki up and running. Yay. I now understand the pieces well enough to use a butcher knife against them, and I know where to find the configuration files. Phew. Anyway, all that was to both standardize and to get our wiki to use LDAP.

I hate the documentation. It all sucks. There's always a gotcha to every gotcha. Fortunately, I can now translate Linux to Windows for many solutions, so the documentation is not as confusing as it originally was.

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