Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I took Monday off to do some repairs on the old house. Plumbing hates me. Almost all the plumbing repairs that I did took 3x longer than usual. I also put a new chain on the screen door and a railing on the front steps. I also got all the dead branches out of the dead branch pile.

Do you know what I found in that branch pile? An animal skull. I think it's a possum skull, or a racoon. How did it get in our yard? I have no clue, other than the cat brought it home. That's so cool. That remind me that I need to collect up the mummified squirrel in our side yard.

Miss Dash is fascinated by the skull. Coolness as well.

I got my new hard drive in for the new computer, reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04, and put all the data on it. All my data slowness on Windows disappeared and the SSD now screams again. 

On Sunday I did a dump run. This NEEDED to happen. I still have more loads to take, but now I have some wiggle room in the basement.

Jenny has the shelving ready for Miss Dash's room, so she'll be sucking out boxes very soon. Strange, nobody's missed all the toys. We've been doing fine with fairies, a fairy dollhouse, and ponies.

I still need to wash the windows. I occasionally make progress.

The cat is now going outside. He's also now sleeping on the bed again. He's finally gotten adjusted. Our problem with him now is that he hates all the new food that we are trying out. So, we get to try food until we find something that he recognizes as food.

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