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I've started playing Mass Effect 3 because, well, I've tired of grinding out house work.

The cat sometimes goes outside voluntarily. I think that he's finally forgiven us for losing outside.

Also, we are trying the cat on new, less frou-frou cat food. Basically, we're looking at small cans that will leave far less waste. So far, he likes chicken and fish, but the turkey was a loser.

Politics continues apace. Someone released an uncomplementary video of Romney. What this means is that one of his wishy-washy supports thought it was time to show him for what he was. If he had done well in campaigning, this would not have come out. After all, why had this not appeared much earlier? Somebody who had remained neutral, but who was also in doubt enought to make the video in the first place, finally had enough of him. My guess is that an old style economic Republican put two and two together and did not find his own interests in the sum. In essence, given devils, he chose the devil that he knew.