Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Rush

On Friday, we hit the Silver Diner for dinner. Jenny was feeling bad, so we got her some chicken soup.

Saturday went easily enough. I got a few more loads out of the old shed. Jenny and I had a talk about time. With Miss Dash off to school, the balance of time power has changed.

With Hers Truly having a playmate, that also changes the time dynamic. I was less needed, but if I was being the adult in the house, needing to pop out and help with occasional things. I'm slowly learning the new dynamic and what I can put there. I spent some time continuing to sort through my things and getting rid of stuff. I sloughed off a big stack of stereo cables. I also rearranged the office a bit. I put the rack next to the computer and the book case nearer to the window as I could not get access to rewire the stereo. I also altered the stereo wiring a bit. I'm now running coax to the stereo.

I installed Windows 7 onto an SSD. Fast bugger. I backed the whole thing up, including the registration. As that is my game machine, and everybody includes their own un-removable DRM, I want to be able to reimage easily. I installed Mass Effect 3 to check that everything worked, and it was all gold.

We went to our local pot luck for church, and we had a great time. Miss Dash played with one of her perennial friends, but Jen stayed home sick.

I finally got around to waxing the tv trays, wrapping up that project. I can now clear that space.

I found my old art supplies. I have reseized my pencils, and I even found my old Christmas ornament painting suupplies, including some unpainted plaster ornaments. Coolness.

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