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The test went okay today. I was the first one done. I take tests fast, mostly because I either know the material or I don't. If I don't know the material, then I pick the best answer that I can. I predict a high likelihood of an A and a lower likelihood of a B.

It was also my cohort group's turn to provide snacks. Megan provided a tray of veggies. I provided a few boxes of assorted chips. The person to bring drinks forgot to bring them. All in all, we did very successful. People scarfed down both the chips and the veggies. Way to go, cohort group #3.

I moved the stereo upstairs. I discovered that the amp, cd player, the dvd player, and the new subwoofer fit under the coffee table. The tv goes on top of the coffee table. Whohoo. This will be a very high density assembly here. The cassette player and the turntable have been put away. :(.... *sniff*

I have no clue where all the cd's will go. I can stash the DVD's in a cabinet under the window. The art table must go somewhere. The computer room must be redone. The bedroom and kitchen must be rethought. I do have to get Jen over to help me cram more stuff in. She's a wizard at that. You should see this woman's closets.

The basement is drying out. Yay. I still want to get rid of the carpeting. I may put down another layer of tiles. Is this a big surprise? Gotta use those tile skills that I have.

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