Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


There was success last night as I got Ubuntu to work correctly. I dug through the documentation on how to fix an Atheros chipset on 12.04. After that, reboot and ... crash. What? It turned out that GRUB had not updated itself properly on the reinstall. It was very annoying finding the properly solution, but I did find it. So, now Ubuntu mostly works. It STILL doesn't let me install software as an administrator. For some reason, I still need to sudo software-center in order to install anything. Very irritating, but at least it works.

Miss Dash and I have been watching Walking With Monsters. It's been fun. I really do enjoy how the creators spent huge effort to make the ancient creatures be animals and not just automitons. While I was growing up, dinosaurs were really just anger-automitons. They weren't creatures. Miss Dash is the one who suggested watching them, and she is enjoying it.

Miss Dash LOVES LOVES LOVES kindergarten. Nuff said.

Over the last few nights, there has been playing with the neighboring 5-year-old. Yay. Much success. I used the break to clean up my office some, which is a mess, and throw out some computer hardware which I will never use again.

I need to rearrange the book cases. Everything fits, but I just can't get behind the stereo, which is an utter PITA. That's not workable. I am very tempted to dump my component system. Still, I don't, as it does sound good when I actually get to listen to it.

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