Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Vivid Dreams

I have some very vivid dreams last night. Most of them were dreams of places: the where of where I was. They were all places that I lived, and there were these places there, in my own house, that I had forgotten about. Amazing. Some of the places weren't my house, but my Grandfather's house (who never really lived someplace like that). These were all places that I could swear that I really lived. When I awoke, I could barely reconcile the small house that I lived in.

In one scene, I am outside and I realize, "This scene is so sharp and clear, it must be a dream." That made everything more enjoyable. I even hopped into a touristy tour vehicle and rode around for a bit.

I wish that I could describe more of it, but it's already too faded.

I figure, this all ties into my house and my rearranging of space. That is the killer thought idea right now. How do I rearrange my living room space to be maximally effective? I will be leaving the big interconnected entertainment center downstairs. It's not effective enough at organizing and is too big for my small house. It's okay for the basement. I will be doing clever things with milk crates and long boards. Maybe even a trip to the Container Store.

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