Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Cat Went Out

Last night, the cat went out and stayed out. Wow. Just, wow. In bad news, there was at least one cat fight, and the most pitiful "meoworowwwwwwwww" at 5am. So, cat has been let back in and fed. Boy, was he ever in a state.

That must have been one good bout of exploration.

Also this morning, Amazon had a sale on Crucial SSD drives. I picked up a 2.5" for a cheap price. That will go into the new system on the gaming side. 

Of course, the new PC will make it harder to buy a new MacBook, but I have other evil ideas for that.

I've noticed that the new router has USB connections on it. Really? I should be able to do something with that.

Jenny said that I could refinish her treadle Singer sewing cabinet. I spent part of the weekend figuring out how to do that and what exactly I'm looking at. It's pretty much a 100 year old, mass-market piece. That means that they cheated along the way and stained the wood and all that. Right now, getting the wax off is the challenge. After that, color matching to fix the stain. (You don't normally do this to good antique, but this isn't a good antique.)

After a line of thunderstorms came through, the hot weather finally broke. We've finally crossed into late summer. Cool summer nights as far as I can see. The minute that the cat noticed that the humidity was done, he changed his mind about outside. I drove Miss Dash to a birthday party in that rain. We didn't lose power.

We got around to seeing Cowboy BeBop the Movie. That was a fun flick, but it ran a little long. It felt tedious at times. The silly thing being, I wouldn't trim all the montages. They worked rather well.

I've been shoving stuff about the basement, trying to get things into discreet piles. Jenny has a huge pile of papers. I only note this because the pile exceeded my expectations. That's alot.

Among our wedding presents, we rediscovered comfy warm robes. Wow. We're still sorting those things out. You know what? I still haven't found the robes and sweaters.

Oh, and I made biscuits for special breakfast. These flaky biscuits were my best layed biscuits so far, and marked the first use of the oven.

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